Battling fracking giants battling suffocate small Ohio town. CLONING GALINDA. Floridians, wake up!

Posted by jsmolders - March 1st, 2018

Innocent villagers are the victims of a fight for superiority between two oil and gas giants.  Small landowners have to choose between fracking fees and royalties, and their way of life.  This is a story of a village that was triumphant, after heavy suffering. Cloning Galinda is a much-heralded thriller, a romantic novel set against the cruel background of corporate exploitation and greed. Join Mary and Joe,  the simple heroes of this epic battle. And enjoy their triumph.

Florida, wake up. Drilling has started in the Everglades!!KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

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Do we let fracking destroy the EVERGLADES? “Cloning Galinda”

Posted by jsmolders - October 9th, 2017

will tell you in a gripping story the harrowing consequences fracking van have. The scene is set in Northern Ohio. cover for Facebook.

It is 2012 when fracking comes to the fourteen thousand citizens of Noredge, Ohio.

While some landowners sign lucrative leasing agreements with the oil and gas company, Doornaert, others rebel.

Mary Jenkins is single mother who refuses to sign a leasing contract, despite the fact that her live-in boyfriend, Joe Bertolo, works for Doornaert as a tanker driver who transports untreatable water.

Just as Doornaert is taken over by Supren in a fierce battle with a competitor, Joe’s truck flips over and causes serious injuries and an enormous environmental spill in a nearby city. After Supren manager, Mike Doyle, heads the cleanup and subsequent drilling, methane gas is discovered in Noredge’s drinking water and paralyzes the town. How did this happen?

As Mary risks her personal and financial future and teams with a former Doornaert engineer to find answers, Doyle begins casting wild, confusing accusations that lead Mary and the engineer to make a shocking discovery that changes everything.

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A quarter with 2.6 percent GDP growth? So what? Obama had FOURTEEN OF THEM, at or over 2.6 %.

Posted by jsmolders - August 2nd, 2017

Let’s be happy with our recent quarter, a Trump quarter, but also put it a bit in perspective. PICT0713

Fracking coming to Florida? Really? Read Cloning Galinda,

Posted by jsmolders - July 15th, 2017

a novel about the turmoil experienced in a small Ohio town. Top reviewer Kirkus  calls it

“An intelligent novelization of a hot environmental issue.”  A gripping story, with endearing heroes.

Get it from Amazon or other websites, or via your bookstore.PICT0713.

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Posted by jsmolders - June 22nd, 2017


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Arriving soon: Cloning Galinda!

Posted by jsmolders - May 16th, 2017

It’s a mystery novel that drills deep into the bowels of the successful and controversial fracking (hydraulic fracturing) industry. The scene is set in Northern Ohio, in 2012.

“Live” with Mary Jenkins, a single mother who struggles heroically to right the wrongs inflicted on her small town by big oil and gas companies as they fight fiercely for their share of the lucrative market.

Mary’s story packs suspense till the last page. It also may engender lively discussioncover for Facebook..

In a few days the book will be published  in paperback on Amazon.com and other websites. The e-version will be available in about two or three weeks. And it will be audio-enabled.

Enjoy this story!




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Award winning Harvest of War,

Posted by jsmolders - February 1st, 2017

… a World War Two story of heroism. Flemish citizens under Nazi occupation risk  their own lives to  hide Jews and British pilots .  Extreme circumstances  elicit unbelievable courage. A harrowing tale of love, betrayal and heroism. 2014-finalist-sticker-200

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Another top rating on Amazon for Harvest of War, a WW II novel in Flanders

Posted by jsmolders - January 12th, 2017

“Mr. Smolders writes in such a way as to almost make you feel you are there. You get to know the characters in a personal way. This book, while technically fiction, is more real than many so called “true stories” or stories “based on real events”. Although I found it a tad slow at the beginning as he was establishing the characters and the town, once into it it was a compelling story of real events in this tiny Belgium town. It is a story of real events that too many of us know little or nothing about during the German occupation. It is good for us to learn about these events and, perhaps as important, how complicated life was for those that lived it. Life is not all easy, and answers are not often black and white.”2014-finalist-sticker-200

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Oogst van Oorlog, een onderscheiding rijker!

Posted by jsmolders - December 9th, 2016

De Engelse versie Harvest of War won a “Finalist” nominatie in de Beverley Hills Book Award competitie. De roman speelt zich af in de Kempen tijdens de zomer en herfst van 1944. Beleef de laatste maanden van de Duitse bezetting, for  blog belgiumwarv13flem_6x9 copyde bevrijding door de Engelsen en de repressie achteraf. Helden, misdadigers, verraders en edelmoedige zielen, een cocktail van mensen in een uiterst moeilijke no-win situatie. Het boek is verkrijgbaar via boekhandels en op shopmybooks.com.

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Harvest of War: how far would you go

Posted by jsmolders - August 29th, 2016

to save your deported son from the Nazis?  Would  you use unethical means? Betray anyone? While you’re hiding a Jewish child and a Britush pilot from the Nazi occupiers? A gripping WW2 story. HARVEST OF WAR.

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