Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria….. Climate change a hoax? Big oil wants you

Posted by jsmolders - September 30th, 2017

to believe it  as it forces  fracking down the throats of unsuspecting townspeople  whose life may be destroyed by fracking wells. Read the gripping story of Mary Jenkins in a new thriller, “Cloning Galinda.”

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Foreword Clarion, a top reviewer of fictions rates this novel highly. “Crisp, realistic dialogue contributes to the novel’s fast pace, breaking up and balancing the exposition, which is limited. It advances the action and effectively shows the characters’—especially Mary’s—volatile emotional reactions in the face of the juggernaut bearing down on the town.

The novel shines in its vivid depictions and clear explanations of both the environmental disruption and harm caused by hydraulic fracking, and the advanced, even amazing, technology that is used. There is even a hat-tip to the positives of fracking—low gasoline and heating oil prices not dependent on foreign producers.

Fracking’s effects on the town are convincingly written in powerful, verbal language—from the nonstop noise, light and dust, to contamination of the water supply.

Cloning Galinda is an entertaining tale that opens a fascinating window into the controversial subject of hydraulic fracking, and treats it in the compelling and dramatic fashion it deserves.”

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