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Ripping the Veil by Jan Smolders

Ripping the Veil

by Jan Smolders

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Anita Tavares, the high-powered head of an HIV/AIDS foundation, is murdered in the Dominican. Now criminals pursue her money and her secrets, and they refuse to be stopped.

In Viral Games, author Jan Smolders crafts a stunningly original piece of fiction that at equal parts engages readers from start to finish!


Natsumi Honma and Richard Van Pelt, heirs to family-owned corporations in Japan and Belgium, embark on a mission to establish a joint venture between their corporate entities, and develop a romantic relationship.

Soon they both meet fierce cultural, social and commercial resistance that leads to endless battles deteriorating into hate, blackmail, intrigue and crimes. Jealousy, greed and ambition drive events into the inner workings of Japanese and Belgian family businesses in The Bridge of Whispers, a compelling novel by Jan Smolders.


The Convenient Fund

Gloria Romero works with the Futuro Fund of US mining mogul Nate Silverman in a drug –and terrorism infested jungle area of Colombia to help protect the local population of a fishing village from crime, violence and cruel poverty. When her creative, realistic plans for development and her romantic pursuits clash with hidden interests inside and outside her own organization, she reacts in a spectacular way that sets in motion a chain of dramatic, violent events and deviously concocted intrigue. 

Explore the inner workings of financial and mining groups as they tout their community efforts as vehicles for their interests, and young, passionate entrepreneur Gloria Romero fights against high odds, risking her life, future and love, in the steamy, violent jungles and fishing villages on the equatorial Pacific Coasts of Colombia.


Ripping the Veil

In a closed society where everybody's guilty, the only crime is getting caught. In a world of thieves, the only final sin is stupidity.
-Hunter S. Thompson 

From author Jan Smolders comes a thrilling mystery novel that will captivate crime novel enthusiasts with his new publication, Ripping the Veil.


Ruthlessness, violence, extortion and murder disrupt the quiet career of Dr. Silvia Herrera and changed her life forever. Now she takes a stand against these violations on human rights.


No matter what it takes, she will uncover the organization responsible for the crimes and make them pay.

With the help of her trusted friends, will she succeed in her mission?


Action-packed and breathtaking, this book will keep you guessing until your turn the last page.


Tennessee Tremors

Young Troy Mattingly is working on a massive new construction management project for a Belgian company. Mid-project, Troy disappears and his worried wife enlists help to solve this mystery fueled by international intrigue, greed and jealousy.


Alone in Boca Raton

A heart wrenching immigration story in Southern Florida.


Harvest of War

The last days of WW2 in Flanders, the story of a big hero in a small town.


Author Information

Jan Smolders, author of Viral Games, The Convenient Fund, The Bridge of Whispers and Ripping the Veil carries Belgian and USA passports, has lived in Belgium, Japan and Singapore, and resides in Florida. Read More...